Our Team

Whitney Davis - Founder/Instructor

Hi, my name is Whitney and I love yoga. My belief is that yoga is for everybody and it should be fun. I never take myself too seriously and that doesn't change in my yoga practice or when I'm teaching. I'm blessed to have a pretty awesome husband, whom I met at Washington State (Go Cougs!). Together we have two amazing kids that fill my life with love but also are the reason I need yoga. Yoga calms my crazy. Sharing yoga with others makes my heart feel full. You don't have to be bendy or in perfect shape to do yoga. It is a "come as you are practice.” I have had the privelage of working with some amazing proffesional atheletes such as the 2017 Super Bowl Champions Philedelphia Eagles Alshon Jeffery

"Street Cred"
  • 200 hour Experianced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with Yoga Alliance
  • Tri-cites only Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher
  • Studied with Baron Baptiste in Sedona, AZ and Paige Elenson in Phoenicia, NY.
  • 2 kids yoga certifications through Next Generation Yoga
  • TRX Certified Trainer
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Teaching experience in multiple studios in Western WA
  • Has taught some pretty awesome local Tri-City events such as Hike-Henna-Juice and Yoga, Mother's Day Yoga, Vino and Vinyasa, Yoga in the Park and Beer & Yoga
  • Scott Davis - Founder/TRX Instructor

    I am Scott Davis co-founder of Pure Yoga and Pure Performance. Upon moving back to the Tri Cities 2015, Whitney and I knew we wanted to build something that was bigger than just us. We wanted to build a community based on the things our family believed in, so Pure Yoga was born. We built a place that is for everyone. A place where individuals thrive physically in a supported group atmosphere, while having the time of their life. I am an American Council of Exercise certified trainer that specializes in TRX strength training and youth athletic development. Come join us on this amazing journey. I believe in facing your challenges head on, my biggest yoga challenge? Standing Splits!

    "The Stats"
  • 3 year starter for Washington State University football team
  • American Council of Exercise certified training
  • Next Generation Yoga kids certification
  • TRX Certified Trainer
  • I believe everything is a competition! I value: Attitude & Effort

    Favorite Quote: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” and “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward” Martin Luther King Jr. (too good not to have two)

    Angie Jameson - Instructor

    Yoga, in my life, is like a warm blanket on a cold day and a cool breeze in the summer. It is there to lift me out of the funk of a bad day, and to brighten the best of days. I chose to get my 200hr RYT (certification) and TRX certification to share that awesomeness with others. I have a passion for movement, I grew up dancing and continue to be involved in the dance community as a judge. The skills I learned in massage school are helpful and evident in my classes through my hands on assisting. When I'm not teaching or doing yoga, I'm home with my husband, two kids, dog and four cats... not to mention the the nieces, nephews and neighborhood kids. I pride myself on being the house the neighborhood kids flock to. Watching them grow and fight and figure out life is a highlight. When I'm not surrounded by kids and animals, I love spending my time in the mountains or on my paddle board. Whether on my mat or teaching a class, I'm reminded that there is no perfect yoga. Yoga is for every body."

    Chastity Garcia - Instructor

    Deep, passionate and intuitive... these words describe Chastity's essence which is felt clear through her teachings.

    Chastity's studentship began at a young age, memories of curiously rummaging through her mothers huge medical books. Intrigued most by anatomy and physiology, her desire to uncover the "root cause" of behaviors, ailments and dysfunction led her to study extensively for the past decade. Her journey to yoga began from the advice of her personal trainer, who advised her to weight lift less and stretch more to reverse the effects of being tight and constricted from her career of body work. From that first encounter she was immediately captivated by the mental and physical release! She gained better sleep, gratitude, and inner strength from her daily asana practice.

    At age 26 she traveled to Bali, Indonesia and her world lit up, she experienced the connection of oneness, rituals of devotion, as well as mind and heart clarity. Since then it's been her clear intention to share the empowerment fusing ancient practices of asana, breath and mindfulness. She facilitates thoughtful and ever evolving sequences intwining dynamic core focused movement and myofacial release techniques to all levels of ability including prenatal. Her classes will leave you feeling integrated head to toe, inspired and loved up! She believes in the healing power of human touch and her hands on assists transmit awareness, therapeutics and love through action. Chastity is also certified in BarreTwist, X21, and Buti Yoga! Movement & creative mindfulness is her medicine.

    Her most transformative breakthrough occurred in 2013, at the conscious birth of her son. Ultimate surrender, unconditional love and divine feminine awakening sparked and continues to grow within her. Motherhood has taught her humility, patience, and the realization that calm and joyfulness are a choice. Balance comes from raw Presence. She emanates the gifts of yoga and attracts others that are ready to do the same.

    Derek Wilkowski - Instructor

    At the cellular level…Life happens. The exchange between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide facilitates this. We simply call it “breathing”. I spend the majority of my time immersed in this very process. I do at work as a Respiratory Care Practitioner, and I do it in my Yoga practice. It is literally, and figuratively, all I do. For me, Yoga began as a way to recover from a career changing on-the-job injury in 2009. Little did I know that this, coupled with other life altering events, would put me on the path to serenity like I had never imagined. Through dedication and determination, I was able to accomplish more than simply proving the Physicians wrong.

    An awakening of mind, body, and spirit took place. I attended Danielle Zissou’s 200 Hour TT Program and immediately began teaching in multiple Studios in the Seattle area. A job offer in the Tri Cities brought me to this side of the state, and before I was even officially hired, I was teaching Yoga. My instincts sway towards what some have described as a “strong, powerful class”, but in the last year, I have taken some time away from the studio and have been focusing on the more Spiritual Yoga practice. This reflects in my classes now, bringing a new flavor to my delivery. When I’m not teaching or Practicing, I can usually be found in the Gym. I enjoy weight training and Triathlon races. But even there Yoga is always present. I am ME everywhere I go. And everywhere I go, I take my practice. “The shortest Distance between two points is always a straight line. The quickest to reach the objective. If the objective is to find peace, then it is logical to begin with crating a straight line between the body and the mind.”

    Maria Kelly - Instructor

    At age three, I lit up my first Creative Movement class, and continued to study Ballet throughout my school years in St. Paul, MN. It was a Modern Dance professor who encouraged me to attend my first Vinyasa class. After Savasana, I opened my eyes and everything seemed right with the world around me. I was hooked on that feeling. Now, 16 years later, Yoga is a vital part of my daily routine building mental, spiritual, and physical strength.

    I practiced yoga for 11 years in Miami, FL with a variety of instructors. I also welcomed two 9 lb.+ boys into the world, and continue to be reminded of just how capable the human body is. In the summer of 2016 we moved to Richland. I was cruising down Keen exploring the new neighborhood, when the Pure Yoga flags waving in the wind caught my eye. I came in to learn some moves on my mat, and I keep coming back because of the music and laughter.

    In the fall of 2017, I completed the Next Generation Yoga certification, and began teaching a weekly, playful practice with elementary age students. I incorporate mindfulness, stillness, the connection of breath and movement, music, animal locomotion, and anatomy learning points into my classes. Ultimately, I teach to learn, and am motivated by the smiling faces and enthusiasm I see here at the studio. Namaste~

    Tricia Moore - Instructor

    Hi all! I am Tricia and my yoga journey began in 2015 when a friend invited me to take a class with her. The physicality of the practice energized me but the mindful and internal benefits of the practice keep me coming back to my mat. When my nephew died of suicide in 2016 getting on my mat helped me to sort through my emotions, grief and helped me better care for myself, which in turn allowed me to better care and support my loved ones. I love the close-knit caring yoga community and all the opportunities to give to others. The philosophy at Pure Yoga that “Yoga is for EVERY body,” and their passion to give back to the community, called me to want to be a part of that. I received my 200hr RYT certification from Namaspa Yoga in Bend, OR in May 2018. My yoga journey is practice not perfection… I bring sincerity, strength and warmth to each class with the intention of opening up possibility and leaving each student in their greatness.

    When I am not practicing or teaching yoga I am busy with my 11 year old son, Cole. He keeps me on my toes and enjoys being active with me hiking and playing in the water. He brings me so much joy (and grey hair). I enjoy hiking around the Tri-Cities and venturing out around the PNW for day hikes. I have a new passion for paddle boarding, so if you know of any good locations or want to get out on the river please share! I also work a full-time M-F kinda job until I win the lotto.

    I am excited to be a part of your yoga journey and hope to see you on your mat. Namaste~

    “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone” ~Baron Baptiste