Our Mission

We believe in yoga practice.Not yoga perfect.

We believe in showing up to your mat, just as you are. Whether it's your first time or hundredth. Whether your hair's brushed or tangled, whether you're five years old or 80 years young, we welcome you all to join us on this beautiful messy journey that is life. We're just a group of down to earth yogis inviting you to practice authenticity, to practice you.

Core Values:
  • Replace comparison with encouragement & doubt with hope.
  • There is beauty in falling & the laughter it comes with.
  • To not take ourselves too seriously.
  • Practice an open mindset & a playful heart.
  • Spread goodness, infuse our days with love & generosity.
  • Always look for the best in people & to leave others better off than where we found them.
  • Seize the day
  • Start, begin, come practice the real you.

This is what we promote, no filters or substitutions.